Thursday, July 2, 2009

New month

We've officially crossed over to the second half of the year! is supposed to re-evaluate our resolutions right about now but I don't want to. I was hoping to cruise for the rest of the year...since the beginning part of the year proved to be a little difficult. Until I got home last night from the sisters house...and noticed the fridge wasn't cold?! Crap! Our fridge broke! all the frozens where thawed...what the heck happend!?
So now...we weight the pros and cons($$$). Do we (husband) repair it? Call a repair person ($$$$)? Buy a new one ($$$$$$)? We did remember our son calling and telling us the power kept going on/off??? Did we power surge the fridge? is that possible??? Maybe I can file a claim with SCE???

For's back to the old'n days!
~vintage icebox~

Okay!!! not that old!!!


Kristina P. said...

I wouldn't really have a problem if that happened to us. We have no food!

Jan said...

I've never heard of this re-evaluating midyear thing. Which is just as well because I won't be.
Really sorry about your fridge - so annoying.

Crafty Christina said...

That stinks, especially now that its summer!

Erin said...

I love how you say that you "should" re-evaluate your resolutions but you don't want to. So funny! But I'm sorry about the fridge. That is really frustrating. What have you decided to do?