Monday, October 19, 2009

Crazy Pet Owner

I guess I am...My pets will be dressing up for Halloween this year.

Squirt (Min Pin)

Ms. Crabby Pattie (chihuahua)

Reese Pieces (chihuahua)

I blame the kids...they can talk me into anything! SHHhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't tell them

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In reverse

Yesterday was my husband's 34th birthday. I felt so bad for the old man, I didn't even have plans for dinner! But thankfully his mama came through! She made him an excellent dinner...
Lasagna, Caesar salad, and garlic bread and for dessert...

Hula Pie! It was awesome!

and then the fun started!

The 34 year old himself!

no, really!

But wait!

There's more...

The Jo in Mojo

I didn't lose it...I've been crafting up a storm! If it's do-able I've done it! take a looksy
Stampin up! I made hand-made cards! and I will be hosting an event soon!
Another quilt block for ATWQS

My VERY First KNIT socks!!!!

My very FIRST KNIT shawl!!!

Awesome crochet Shawl from Crochet today! Sep/Oct 2009
But wait! there's more....

I like the Floaty Scarf so much I made another! but this one is for a friend...and I don't think I'm done yet.

and this is how I spend my weekends...

Monthly News

I've been away for a month!? I'd like to thank all the well-wishers, my sons surgery went well and rehabilitation is going smoothly. He's back to school and trying to catch up on all that he missed. He is still not able to play football but he's started to practice baseball again.
Now if I could only get him to keep a shirt on! Someone should have warned me...if you have a scar that looks like this
You never want to wear a shirt so others can enjoy it too! GROSS!