Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Jo in Mojo

I didn't lose it...I've been crafting up a storm! If it's do-able I've done it! take a looksy
Stampin up! I made hand-made cards! and I will be hosting an event soon!
Another quilt block for ATWQS

My VERY First KNIT socks!!!!

My very FIRST KNIT shawl!!!

Awesome crochet Shawl from Crochet today! Sep/Oct 2009
But wait! there's more....

I like the Floaty Scarf so much I made another! but this one is for a friend...and I don't think I'm done yet.

and this is how I spend my weekends...


Caroline said...

Love the scarves too! I made one in lavender! Digging the socks, I haven't ventured there yet!

Crafty Christina said...

Whoa you've been busy! EVerything looks amazing. I've been so slow on learning to knit in the round. Maybe one day soon.

Ann said...

I have some discontinued SU stamps for sale if you're interested. And I love how your shawl flatters your figure *schway* =) ~Stashy