Monday, October 20, 2008

* UPDATE:Sponsor-A-Pound

I got the idea from titus2woman and she saw it on The Rachael Ray show and I thought I'd give it a try.I've got 50 pounds to lose and I was wondering if anyone out there wanted to help by giving me an incentive for each increment of 5 pounds lost or otherwise known as sponsoring a (5)pound! The incentive is up to you, it can be anything...sending an encouraging card, buying someone lunch, anything.
Just post a comment and I'll update the list.

I've done it! I lost my first 5 pounds!

  • 5~Sarah said she'd send me 5 balls of yarn for my first 5 pounds! Thank should check her blog out...I'm kind of addicted! ~accomplished!

  • 10~Kalurah has graciously donated a pair of Obon earings for me and a friend!!!

  • 15~Misty's buying me a new pair of shoes!

  • 20~Sandi crocheted item, my choice! check out her page and sponsor her too!

  • 25~MissRach offered up her very own Knotty Pines Scarf, Hat, and Mitts Set pattern! I checked out on her rocks!

  • 30~Tiffany is going to give me a $30 gift certificate to a store of my choice!!!

  • 35~

  • 40~

  • 45~Misty's getting me a 50 minute massage!

  • 50~Lisette, my sister said she's taking me shopping! $100!! Get your Credit Card ready...I'm going to lose this weight!

I am also going to keep a photo Journal...but I can't promise anything!

The freaks come out at night!

My husband turned 33 on October 13 so to celebrate we had ourselves a costume party this weekend! It was kinda of nice to dress up and let loose or as loose as possible being that we where still surrounded by a bunch of kids! We had a good time...there was the Marilyn (husband), not Monroe, Manson! Sally (me) from The nightmare before Christmas, Adam (as in first man), and the ninja...

Horrible picture, I know but I thought I'd share anyway...I do not have a picture of the boys yet but as soon as I do I'll update.

I made a wig! my sister needed a blond wig for my niece's Cinderella costume and I just knew I had to make this but I am not a proficient knitter so I found this crocheted version and quickly got to work.

This is not the niece it was intended for but she did make a great model, no?

Friday, October 17, 2008

...stars out tonight...

I finished the starghan I had started and I think it looks great! It's off on it's way to my cousins daughter. It's her birthday this week and I hope she loves it!

Happy Birthday, Melanie!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jealous? ME?!

...yes! I want to have a contest too! but it has to be for some snazzy reason, not just because everyone is doing it...right?

Check out Adrienne's sock for a chance to win something fabulous!

I have a preview...I finally stepped out of my box and decided enough was enough! after reading this post. I started my very own starghan!

She's a baby still but I started!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm back but still not normal

I'm back to work after being out all week and I'm feeling better although I'm still stuffed up and my ears still hurt. Ear Infections at 32! anyway...I have been busy! Crochet up a storm...I even have finished items!

This has got to be my proudest achivement yet!

My very first wearable that I'm actually going to wear! constantly!

Fisherman's wife

I tested this pattern for Kalurah and I LOVE it! I have to have one in every color!!!!

I made a matching hat from this pattern at Creativeyarn. She has some amazing stuff! The tam was so easy to do. It worked up so quickly and it nice and toasty!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm sick

So I'm home sick with what the doctor called a "flu bug" yes that was the clinical term he used for the note he wrote keeping me home from work for the rest of the week. What ever will I do with a week off of work you ask? SLEEP! I'm so exhausted...I can't even keep up with my homework and I've got a ton of WIP's but all I want to do is sleep! I have pictures to show but even that is too exhausting so off to bed for a week!