Monday, November 24, 2008

...are the stars out, tonight?

I love this pattern! I have a granny addiction and this one has got to be my absolute favorite! The pattern is from samijofitz at crochetville. It's called The granny star afghan and here's the one I made for my niece Isa.

Stitch detail...

I used Red Heart Designer Sport in Pistachio and girly pink and Caron one pound in white with a big ol' K hook!

in other news...I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself Ms. Diva! and trust me my hand aches too! My index finger knuckle feels 2 sizes too big...or is that the Grinch? I'm looking forward to the next meet and I'm very much intrigued by that double-ended crochet hook!?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Seija-like blanket

I really liked the seija pattern from the happy hooker and when I was asked if I could make a quick baby shower gift I jumped at the chance to try it! I loved how fast it worked up...I of course made modifications because I couldn't possibly follow a pattern all the way through, but it's great! I did not include the seatbelt slot and I doubled it's size.
I used Caron one pounders in off-white and leaf green, with homespun in oatmeal...the baby room theme is safari and I think I matched it pretty well!

Thursday, November 13, 2008's the time, of the season...

I know It's been quiet on my end but I'm REALLY busy working on my Christmas gifts. I managed to make a huge dent in my to-do list but I've still got a ways to go before I complete my numerous projects*... I've got to say though, it feels great when I get to see the finished product. I feel so proud and accomplished. I even think I'm getting better at this crochet thing! If only my hands would cooperate more!
Once again the girls will be meeting up for a crochet night (or as I call it a yarning...I don't know it sounds sinister to me) This time we're headed to Karina's and I can't wait...I'm itching to finish my latest project*! I've also been invited and would REALLY like to attend another get together at the local Panera...note to self: MUST attend...WILL be sociable!

Sorry no picture again...I'll try harder next post.

* code for Christmas present

Monday, November 3, 2008

Saturday night alright for crochet...

My kids play baseball and I can often be found in a chair off to the side with some sort of yarn project on my lap. Well I seem to have developed a small following and it finally spilled over to an actual crochet together night! We had our first ever meeting Saturday and it was nice...thanks Blanca for hosting and for providing the drinks. I hope all of the ladies had a good time and that they'll love to crochet as much I do.