Friday, November 21, 2008

Seija-like blanket

I really liked the seija pattern from the happy hooker and when I was asked if I could make a quick baby shower gift I jumped at the chance to try it! I loved how fast it worked up...I of course made modifications because I couldn't possibly follow a pattern all the way through, but it's great! I did not include the seatbelt slot and I doubled it's size.
I used Caron one pounders in off-white and leaf green, with homespun in oatmeal...the baby room theme is safari and I think I matched it pretty well!


Anonymous said...

it is beautiful, I just love the color combinations you chose!

Ms. Diva said...

I had a great time Sat! I started an entrelac blanket on Sunday and crocheted so much my hand hurt last night!