Monday, September 14, 2009

Sticks and Stones

and broken bones...
He really did a number on himself. His surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning (9/15/09) and I'm a wreck! The doctor will be cutting a hole in my son!? A 6 inch hole! moving around muscles and such to make room for the broken collar bone! He'll be re-arranging it as it was before the break and adding one of these...
a metal plate! You see all of those holes? That's where the screws will go! 8 screws! into my baby boy! Please pray that I survive this! Please pray for his speedy recovery, Please pray?!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My worst fear...

came true this weekend. The boys left to the desert to do a little dirt bike riding and one boy had to come home early. My worst fear is that one day they'll go off without me and be happened.
My oldest son has broken a bone, his first ever. He crashed his dirt bike and landed on his shoulder breaking his collar bone and guess what I didn't die...I wasn't hurt...a little worried...and stressed out but I lived. Maybe now I could stop being so scared of everything! My worst fear came true and I didn't die!

before I picked him up they fashioned a home-made sling out of his riding jersey
(D and Dad...yeah you can't almost tell who's who)
Broken left clavical