Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My worst fear...

came true this weekend. The boys left to the desert to do a little dirt bike riding and one boy had to come home early. My worst fear is that one day they'll go off without me and be hurt...it happened.
My oldest son has broken a bone, his first ever. He crashed his dirt bike and landed on his shoulder breaking his collar bone and guess what I didn't die...I wasn't hurt...a little worried...and stressed out but I lived. Maybe now I could stop being so scared of everything! My worst fear came true and I didn't die!

before I picked him up they fashioned a home-made sling out of his riding jersey
(D and Dad...yeah you can't almost tell who's who)
Broken left clavical


knittinwolf said...

aaaah your a mom, you're gonna worry. My fear is Jimmy being abducted.....really anything where him or his Dad are taken from me....I'd need a padded room with lots of meds!

Hope your son is doing better...does he get out of school?:) Take care!

Crafty Christina said...

Your just being a mom. Totally normal to worry like crazy.

I hope your boy feels better soon. I broke my collar bone in a car accident and got the chicken pox in the same week when I was a kid. It wasn't too bad and I got off from school for a week!

Glo said...

What is it with us mother's! My son was hit by a car on hit bike and the instant i heard my husband say now don't start crying but ...I cried...and my son broke his collar bone and a few other things if I remember correctly so like they say boys will be boys and mom's cry...it is what it is........and yes, we live through it but we never stop worry about our kids.
Lorena I have missed you, I taught myself the Tunisian Entrelac crochet from the Gourmet Crochet booklet...I do have a question?
At the end of each square you slip stich across to the end and then do you just start casting on your loops or do you change one first to make your first loop......I will try to take a pic and post it so you can see and tell me if it looks ok........