Monday, October 20, 2008

* UPDATE:Sponsor-A-Pound

I got the idea from titus2woman and she saw it on The Rachael Ray show and I thought I'd give it a try.I've got 50 pounds to lose and I was wondering if anyone out there wanted to help by giving me an incentive for each increment of 5 pounds lost or otherwise known as sponsoring a (5)pound! The incentive is up to you, it can be anything...sending an encouraging card, buying someone lunch, anything.
Just post a comment and I'll update the list.

I've done it! I lost my first 5 pounds!

  • 5~Sarah said she'd send me 5 balls of yarn for my first 5 pounds! Thank should check her blog out...I'm kind of addicted! ~accomplished!

  • 10~Kalurah has graciously donated a pair of Obon earings for me and a friend!!!

  • 15~Misty's buying me a new pair of shoes!

  • 20~Sandi crocheted item, my choice! check out her page and sponsor her too!

  • 25~MissRach offered up her very own Knotty Pines Scarf, Hat, and Mitts Set pattern! I checked out on her rocks!

  • 30~Tiffany is going to give me a $30 gift certificate to a store of my choice!!!

  • 35~

  • 40~

  • 45~Misty's getting me a 50 minute massage!

  • 50~Lisette, my sister said she's taking me shopping! $100!! Get your Credit Card ready...I'm going to lose this weight!

I am also going to keep a photo Journal...but I can't promise anything!


Anonymous said...

I would love to send you something I've crocheted at twenty pounds. You pick~Sweet Pea shawl, earflap hat, dish/wash cloth, or slippers.... (((((HUGS))))) sandi~your sponsor of my 55 is WAY TOO GENEROUS! WOW! *THANK YOU!*

Anonymous said...

I'll take your 30. I have looked around your site and I know NOTHING about crocheting (LOL did I spell that right?) so how about a gift cert for $30 to your fave store?

Thank you for supporting me!!!

Lorena said...

Thank you ladies for your generous to earn them!

kalurah said...

Yay! What a great idea. I definitely want to support you!
I am sponsoring you for 10 lbs with these:
Obon Earrings
Actually, I'll send you two pair. One for you and one for a friend.
Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Seeing your sponsors TOTALLY MADE MY DAY! and trust me~it needed making! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Melissa said...

Good luck! I hope you can do this. :)

Sarah said...

how's 5 balls of yarn for you when you loose the first 5 pounds sound!!

email through your postal address as I'll know those pounds will fall off!!

Misty Rijfkogel said...

Okay, at 15 pounds, I will buy you a cool pair of heels .. you pick the heel type, I pick the shoe and surprise you! And at 45 pounds, I will treat you to a day as the spa, Burke Williams, and a relaxing 50 minute back massage.

Anonymous said...

Just checkin' in to see how you're doing! *CONGRATS!* on the four pounds~I am REALLY needing to get myself in gear~ACK! Hopefully the fire I feel to do so this week will last.... (((((HUGS))))) sandi

MissRach said...

M'dear, when you hit 25, I will send you a copy gratis of my Knotty Pines Scarf, Hat, and Mitts Set pattern!

I like this idea very much. :)

Anonymous said...

WOOHOOO! I am just seeing this 5 pounds~WOOHOOO! (((((HUGS))))) sandi