Thursday, April 30, 2009

Snapping out

In order to fight this impending funk I feel I'm slipping into...(like scary fastly) I'll keep busy. That should work right??? and I mean busy! I have so many works in progress that I'm ashamed at myself! I should make a list in my sidebar with progress bars so I feel shammed into finishing! good ol' shame and guilt...(thanks Catholicism) cures all.
This is one thing I'm working on...entrelac baby blanket.


Gloria said...

Ms L:

You crack me up......! You want to talk about having to many projects you, me and everyone else....! Last night I started a purple scarf...half done.....this morning I started a multi-colored scarf using the same pattern...1/8 done and this afternoon I started a black scarf using the same pattern 1/8 done.....and I an afghan, a extrawide scarf that I started last 5 pairs of mitten that I still haven't sewn the seam in......!

Give youself a break girl. Your a working mom! Being a mom period is a 2 full-time jobs.
Just think someday you can be like gone and menopause will move in!
Life sucks and then ya die!

happy thursday!!!!!

Crafty Christina said...

Shame and guilt have their positives, like finishing those projects! Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

yeah, hurry the shower is on saturday! lol

Jan said...

Being way too hard on yourself - entrelac looks great!


You do beautiful projects. I love this blanket!!You are a talented young lady. I am doing one for my grandaughter to be born next May. It is my first project in Tunisian Entrelac. Congrats.