Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh sew crafty...

I had a great weekend! I have every other Friday off and this Friday was my off. I went supply shopping with the sister, she requested 2 bags.

and my (current) favorite, the Lots of pockets
The fabric choices were hers...with minimal (lots) of help from me.

I also finished a GIANT (Really! BIG) crocheted beach bag that I promised...I think it looks really fun but did I mention that it's HUGE!

no quilting work lately...but I will this weekend. I have 3 quilts started so I better get moving!
Saturday was all about sunburns and baseball! My sister came over for a visit...they stayed and watched the boys' baseball games and got pretty nasty sunburns in the process! That's what happens when we spend all day at the park! We hit Walmart for some nourishment and came home with pizzas and strawberry shortcake! spent the rest of the evening crafting and watching Lake View Terrace.
Sunday was spent with the Tanaka's...BBq'd tri tip is yummy! It was nice to hang out with most of the family...I don't realize I miss it until I do it.


Crafty Christina said...

Your buttercup is gorgeous! I need to try a contrasting fabric for the top part of the lining. I love how yours came out.

Gi said...

Ms L: I love the fabric you chose for the crochet beach he bag too. I love all the fabric you long does it take you to make the bag for your sister?

I have to get out this week and find a new sew machine...I just corcheted a bag and just didn't like he fact that I couldn't put a lining in it!

take care and great job on the bags.

Crochetoholic said...

Love love the pink bag...and what a great job you did on the beach bag....very nice.,, I unusally go to Tall Mouse to get my material I bet it was fun shopping on Friday!!