Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Everything old is New again...

Lorena (Circa 1986)

Lorena (Circa 2009)

No, I don't mean ME! check out the shades...I HATED them back in '86 but now...I absolutely HAD to have them.


Gi said...

Yep life is a great big merry-go-round! You know I don't think they where so bad in 80's..they just where not a great fit for a teen but more suited for an adult. They look great...I have a pair of sunglasses that I absolutely love and do you think I can find another pair...NO....! If I wear them around the hubster he gets very touchy - feely and starts singing country songs in the car.

Hey did you know that Tom sang a country song to me on our second date...(he can sing 2) at first I thought is this guy for real...but honestly it was the sweetest thing anyone had every done for me...!

You know Ms. L I am sitting her untangling yarn.....I ripped out a project and now I have this big mess of yarn...I use tennis balls to wrap it around..much easier!

Hey how is school...what r u going 4?

Jan said...

Aah, you were cute & the specs made you look intelligent (which you are of course)
Unfortunately there's an 80s fashion revival going on ( I won't be taking part!)

Karen said...

omg, WHY were glasses so big then? And popular!!! I HATE pictures of me from the 80's. And a bunch surfaced on Facebook. Oy. I will NOT be part of the 80's revival either. :)

Crafty Christina said...

The glasses look better on you now. I wish I could fit into my mom's clothes from the 70s, LOL. In the 80's I remember wearing bike shorts with attached skirts. Soooo bad.

Jessica Marie said...

lol! i have sunglasses just like that!

i had to work today as well.. but it's ok because i only have one more hour :D

have a fabulous weekend