Thursday, December 4, 2008

Knit two

I just finished reading Knit two by Kate Jacobs! It's the sequel to The Friday night knitting club...and I liked it. I hadn't read in SO long, it felt so good to get lost in my head for hours at a time and think about someone else's problem, even if they were just made-up. I won't be discussing the book on here, if you want to know what it's the book! If you'd like to borrow my copy, let me know...I'll share!

I can not believe I'm about to say this but I've burnt-out! My hands ache and I do NOT want to pick up a crochet hook anymore! Only problem is I've got 4 projects* started and 1 more in the planning stages! Please help!!! I need motivation or threats...they work too!

I did pick up the knitting needles hands can't sit still very long. I started another pair of fingerless gloves from creativeyarn, did I tell you how much I love her patterns! I'm working on her emerald green handwarmer pattern and it's looking good so far. I wish I was more fluent in knit...I struggle very much, I don't know the terms, my gauge is SO tight, and I work so very slow! Practice, right?!

Here's a preview....

I'm really loving me some BrookOwens she got the most awesomest headbands up on her etsy store! This one is going on my Christmas wishlist! I just wish I knew how to wear them?!
Okay enough with the boring dialog! until next post...

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You have been tagged!! All of the info s on my blg.