Friday, August 14, 2009


This was the view walking in to work this morning. It makes me wish Fall was right around the corner! I just love that time of year!

Makes me want to finish these off and wear them around!

No, these are not some weird undergarment! these will be socks! knitted socks! If I ever finish these I'll be so proud of myself!

and just so you don't think I've completely abandoned my craft...I've also been crocheting.

Just a plain giant granny baby blanket...but if you could just feel it! it's so squooshy and soft!
and just because I was feeling a little down...I even brought the sewing out!

I felt bad that the granny blanket was so tiny so I made this too...nothing fancy but still very cute!
Wow! I go missing for a bit and I come back very crafty!!!
Hope everyone is having a great summer!? and anxiously waiting the Fall like I am!


knittinwolf said...

Ooooh how I love rainy, fall favorite!

Love that colorway of green for your socks...awesome!

Adorable blankets the monkey pattern!

Great job!

Crafty Christina said...

I'm still too chicken to try knitted socks! Yours look great so far.

The granny blanket is adorable and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that monkey fabric. Where did you get it?

ladybelle1234 said...

How warm your knitted socks will be! I love your crocheted blanket. Do you have to tie off every time you change colors of yarn? I'm not sure how to do that where it doesn't show. Love your blankets. I'm starting to think of baby things I can make for grandkids.

RusticOkie said...

The granny blanket looks warm and cozy. I feel like I've neglected my crochet lately. Maybe I'll work on some tomorrow. Maybe.

Keri said...

Yes, yes, yes . . . I am SO ready for fall weather. In addition to the temp being close to 100 today, my hubby, daughter and I are trying to survive in our home without air conditioning, which went out yesterday! The house is only 4 years old, and my hub thinks the fan motor went out. (Couldn't be because it's been working overtime all summer!!) So, yes, that makes me want fall weather to hurry up even more!

And, I love your projects. I don't know how to knit, so I admire those of you who do. I think the colors in the granny blanket are very unique and go great together. And, I agree with others who also love the monkey fabric.

Great job . . . keep us posted on progress!

Anonymous said...

I like the blanket and the monekys too and don't judge me because I thought your socks looked like thongs! ha! and yes, seeing my electric bill this morning made me want it to be Fall again right now!!!