Sunday, June 14, 2009


I came this close! to finally meeting the ladies of the FIBER COLLECTIVE...this close because as I was getting out of the shower, I heard a knock at the front door. It was my baker sister. She wanted to use my kitchen to bake a cake. I couldn't kick her out so she set up shop...sort of speak. Off I twittered my misfortune...hoping I might still be able to catch the tail end of the fiber goodness but it is currently 5:58 pm as I type this and my guest is still here. I will not be making the fiber collective meet once again...sigh!
I am back to the original reason this blog began...crochet. I've been very inspired as of late...I LOVE when that happens! sometimes all it takes is the newest issue of Crochet today! to flow the creative juices...
Just finished the baseball afghan...I say finished because the circle is done...not the baseball stitching but I will...soon.

I also started the afghan for my SIL...she's due in August, so I wanted something light and lacy...Mission Accomplished!

I love the way this is coming out! No own creation.

okay...enough for today. I am here...I'm okay...and I will be back to normal in posting and online. Off to enjoy some tres leches cake and watch game 5 of the NBA playoffs


CT said...

Lovely!!! all of your projects look so good!

You are a good sis. Too bad you missed the collective, but did she give you a piece of cake?

Crafty Christina said...

I would have just left my sister there alone, LOL.

The afghans look great. Man, you are speedy!

Keri said...

Great job on the afghans! I thought I was fast, but you are amazing! And, you're a good sis for letting your sister borrow your kitchen. There's always next time to make the collective.

Gloria said...

Hey you've been nominated for a blog award to accept to to my blogspot.

Love the baseball afghan. You know I was thinking the other day what I could make for my nephews who are 10 and 12 and that baseball afghan might be it...they love the redsox. Where did you get the pattern?