Monday, May 4, 2009

Mad rush...

and the pain of it all! The entrelac blanket I was working on last week was for my cousins baby shower on Saturday at 3 pm. I started it Monday night and I don't know about you but for me entrelac is VERY slow...kinda like knitting. I thought I'd be cutting it close but I would get it problem. Well, I was setting myself up to fail. On Wednesday I bought the cowboy quilt know just in case, I would still have a present to give. I did finish that Friday, all the while still working on the crochet.

See...first in line at the 5:40pm showing of X-MEN Origins- Wolverine! (awesome) We got there at 4:00pm. Raced to the best seats in the house...

See my frantic hook skills!

At about 5:00...had to sit! and still the blanket was just not growing!!! but I figured, I'll just crochet at the kids baseball games on Saturday. (good plan) We got to the park at 7 am and I crocheted like a mad woman! Now I had no plans on going to the shower...(long anti-social story) I was just going to send it with my sister or my mother but after not much talking into I caved and made plans to go...that meant a shower and actual grooming of the face and hair. That was going to cut into my crochet time! and the blanket still wasn't done! First game ended around 10:45 and I didn't have to be back until noon for the next game. So I showered and spiffied up and was ready to crochet some more hoping to finish before my mother picked me up at 3:30...FAIL.

Okay, so now I'm stressing out! The blanket is STILL not's close but not quite there. The upside (as if!) the shower is an hour away! but as we where exiting the freeway and I still wasn't done!!! I'm this close to giving up! My mother suggests she stop at payless for a pair of sandals for my niece. Well that was just the right amount of time I needed...The blanket was done. Not completely...but done enough!

See the points...they shouldn't be there. I needed to make half triangles but something had to go!

and when it was done and packed in the gift box...I realized that my left hand was throbbing! It hurts so bad...I'm going to have to put it in one of those hand braces.

But it was worth it!


Kristina P. said...

That blanket is amazing!

Jan said...

What a fantastic job !
You must be exhausted.
(hate half triangles)
(Oh, and watch out for girls forming an orderly queue around your man of steel, handsome guy, lovely smile)
Have a great week !

Crafty Christina said...

It turned out fantastic! No one will ever know the triangles shouldn't be there.

Where do you find the time to get it all done?

Gloria said...

I went to see Wolverine ....Girl did you see Hugh Jackman jump off that cliff in the!

He is definitely the sexiest man alive........People got it right with naming Hugh the sexiest man of 2009.

Love the blanket...that is the pattern I was asking you about???

shana0923 said...

I really like it with the points!! Great job!

Jessica Marie said...

ahh.. i SO know this feeling. once i finished up a baby blanket for a baby shower in the parking lot right before the shower was ready to start.

great job getting it done!