Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh what a feelin!

No, I'm not dancing on the ceiling...but it's pretty close! I wanted to share some fabric goodness!
I love these patterns and I can't wait to start cutting! I'm hoping this one will come out a little straighter and a little more me.
These two (3) are for separate quilt tops...The smaller squares will go together and I'll be starting on those first! and the bigger pink squares are a funky retro pattern that looked so fun I couldn't pass it up!
I'm also crocheting! I'm just about finished with a baby blanket for my SIL. I should have pictures soon...I love spring! All my creativity start flowing again!


Gi said...

Yeah, my creative juices start flowing as well......I am so proud of myself.....I signed up for my first quilting class.

My have my mind in 3 creative places; crochet; learning to quilt and planning my flower beds!

Oh how I love Spring!

Wish you well and keep the creative juices flowing..

Anonymous said...

The fabrica are all gorgeous!

Crafty Christina said...

The fabric looks great. Can't wait to see your quilts. I'm so new at sewing that quilting scares me.