Tuesday, March 3, 2009

There's a Party in my tummy....with CAKE!

More cupcakes to share...These where made for my niece's 1st birthday. She loves yo gabba gabba!

My sister Stephanie did all the baking and Lisette and I, with the help of Stephanie did the decorating. *

She also made a cake but for some reason I didn't get a picture of it. Hopefully someone will email me a picture!?

Here's the cake!

*I made the fondant from scratch...I also colored most of it. I will NOT be doing that again!


Ally said...

I love those cupcakes! Looks like it took alot of work, good job!

Gloria said...

Happy 1st B-day to your niece!

You guys really out did yourselves with the cupcakes....takes talent and a steady hand to decorate. I never had the touch for deorating a cake never mind cupcakes.

Hope you took a pic of your niece eating one of those delicious cupcakes.

Nice work mommies!

Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous!! I am drooling all over the place here.....

Christina said...

Mmmm, those look so good! You guys did an awesome job decorating them.

I've wanted to try doing fondant from scratch. Why won't you do it again?

Lorena said...

Ally- Thank you, they really weren't difficult just tidious.
Gloria- I don't have any pictures of her eating them...I was holding her while she tore into the cakes!
Riohnna- LOL! Be careful you don't want to slip and fall.
Christina- Making the fondant was easy enough. My cake making sister owns a stand-mixer so it was (pardon the pun) a piece of cake. The coloring of the fondant! Is what I never want to make again...All the kneading! My arms felt like they had fallen off! and the dye! I still have red hands!

Lorena said...

BTW...I linked the fondant recipe I used. It tastes really good.

Brook said...

Those cupcakes are sooo darn cute!