Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I got my package!

I have to say...this was my very first swap and I am absolutely happy and addicted!

Jackie (SPRAT605) was the best partner. Constant communication and very friendly, and the things she sent!

okay the details...2008 summer scarf swap, We were suppossed to make a summer scarf (ei; light weight and colorful) based on our individual partners. I submitted a survey and Jackie submitted her survey and we were then matched up.

This is what I got
The yellow scarf is absolutely the greatest! it's the same shade and texture as my baby blanky! It was a twin size blanket that when it was finally thrown out (not by me!) was only the size of 6" square! I was sad to see it go...
The blue and green and yellow scarf is so cute! I didn't take a good picture but the detail! Jackie really did a great job! and all the extra goodies! I took individual pictures of all of it but I think they're too many to post. So I'll just tell you...white chocolate, rasberry scones! and no you can't come over...because I'm not sharing! Java chocolate...come on coffee and chocolate! (drool) I got to afghan hooks, I really wanted to try those! a G, aluminum hook, a note and pen combo, a spiral notepad...looks really cool! beautiful yellow lionbrand Jiffy! now I just have to find the perfect pattern! and the cutest crocheted bag! I've already transferred all my stuff into!
All I've got to say is bring on the next swap!

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