Monday, April 21, 2008

Such a slow weekend

Didn't make very much progress on my WIPs...I managed to finish 2 more squares for my circle to square baby I've got 1 left of the size I'm currently working on and 3 left of the biggest size...then it's on to joining. How fun!
I made little progress on my granny big ol bag also...I did notice that in my haste to finish before spring is over, I may have been increasing at the turns?! so it seems like I have a very lopsided back! I have to count my stitches to make sure but I think I'll be frogging almost all of it! dang it...

On a non-crochet note I went to our Poppy Festival this weekend with the kids. They had a good time and came home with a rubberband gun and a potato gun. I know not a smart disision on my poart but I was tired of saying no...I checked out the local crafts area and they had some pretty neat stuff...not much in the crochet type but yes a few stands.

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